Prayer Partner

Kosovo needs your prayer! We need your prayer!

We are thankful for each prayer about us, our ministry and our country. Never underestimate the power of a single prayer! Here are our prayer requests:

Pray for Kosovo #Pray4Kosovo

  • Pray that God meets the Muslim people in a very personal way.
  • Pray for the growth of the churches in Kosovo.
  • Pray that Christians hold on to their faith & follow Jesus passionately.
  • Pray that whole families can be reached & transformed by the love of God.
  • Pray especially for the young generation that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts for Jesus.
  • Most young people living in Prishtina came here for their studies.
  • Pray that God will meet the students in university.
  • Pray for good & honest politics, a decrease of corruption & followers of God taking their stand in the government.
  • Pray for new businesses, economic growth & employment opportunities.
  • Pray that God will use Christian media to speak to Muslims.
Arts and Entertainment
  • Pray that the entertainment world in Kosovo will be influenced & determined by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for YWAM Kosova #Pray4YWAMKosova

YWAM Kosova Staff
  • Pray for the Staff, that they are guided & inspired by God in everything they do & have wisdom in every decision they make.
YWAM Kosova Team
  • Pray that God will build a permanent TEAM here in Kosovo. We are in great need of a team helping us to reach out to the community.
Outreach Teams
  • Pray for our outreach teams that God uses them in a mighty & powerful way when they come to serve the people in Kosovo.
  • Pray for a good cooperation with local churches.

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