Outreach Teams

We have approximately 5 Outreach Teams from DTS of YWAM Grimerud/Norway, YWAM Vienna/Austria, YWAM Kona/Hawaii and YWAM Tyler/Texas and teams from churches around the globe coming each year to YWAM Kosova  to serve in cooperation with local churches. They mainly operate in:

  • Street Evangelism/Coffee Evangelism: Going to the streets or sitting in a caf√© the teams try to connect with local people, discussing with them about faith and sharing the gospel of Jesus with them.
  • Support church planting: As the teams work in cooperation with local churches they help in church planting activities, serving with their skills the particular needs of the local church.
  • Worship: As some teams are very good at worship we organize Worship and Prayer Nights in cooperation with local churches to strengthen the Christian community and reach out to society. Furthermore, we organize youth nights for the teams to get in touch with the local youth of the churches to bless and encourage them in their faith.
  • Prayer ministry: The students walk through the city in little teams and pray for Prishtina.
  • Practical help: They help us distributing goods to needy families or clean areas.
  • Kids ministry: The teams go into different churches and support them in their ministries by for example conducting a kids program or visit Sinti and Roma villages to serve the children there.