What I learn from a time like this

Written by Dorina Betz

Sitting home. Not allowed to go to all the places that I love. Almost everything I used to do is gone. Socially more or less isolated. I’m sure you know pretty much what I am talking about. We are all experiencing the same thing all around the world. And even though this time isn’t easy for most, I believe we can learn many precious and significant things from it.

Firstly, I want to decide to enjoy this time because I might never again have as much time as now. Finally, I am escaping the rat race. Breaking out of the prison of stress and pressure. Life clicking on pause and I breathe deep and recognize how insane it actually is to “run” so fast, do so much and be, enjoy, breathe, live so less.

What really matters

Suddenly I realize what really matters in my life. It is not my work nor my money. It is not my clothes, my house or my luxurious life. It is not even the ministries I am involved in. All of this can be shaken. Everything can be gone- just like that. But what is still here is the purpose I was made for. To love God and be loved by him. To know God and make him known. To live a deep and intimate relationship with him. What lasts when future times look insecure, when I cannot go to work or university, when I cannot go out with my friends, when I suddenly cannot do anymore what I always did, is my relationship to him. Wealth, prosperity, possibilities and worldly securities will fade but HE and only HE remains when everything else is shaken. All things will lose value but our relationship to God doesn’t.

This makes me pondering following questions: Which things in my life actually last forever? And how much time am I investing in things that will fade away instead of things that will last?

My time with God

Instead of complaining I want to use this time to allow God doing His work inside of my heart. I have more time now to study the bible, read other inspiring books, to think, to listen to God’s voice, to spend time in His presence and of course this time transforms. And it teaches me a lot about God and my relationship to him.

I was never dependent on God like this before so I start to take God and his word more seriously. This time. Teaches me to walk with his promises and makes me realize how great God is. Shows me that I got nothing under control, but God is in control. And since I am out of control I am forced to trust a greater God. This is a time I want to keep myself spiritually hungry before the Lord and long to experience Him opening the floodgates of heaven. Even though this time is crazy hard, I cannot wait to see all the GOOD that is coming out of it.

Time to intercede and reach out

I want to use this time to pray more than I ever did before, seeking the kingdom of God to come. Right now there’s a big battle going on in the invisible world and these are the days for the body of Christ to rise up and pray in the authority He has given us, using the most powerful weapon we have and to decide to use this time instead of wasting it in complaints.

I believe that this is as well a time which God will use to move in the hearts of people. Isn’t this time teaching us that we should care more about souls and bring them to Jesus? So start praying for your friends, your classmates, your colleagues, your neighbours who don’t know Jesus yet and then listen to His voice. I’m sure God can show you ways how you can reach out to them even in a time like this. Let’s use this time to serve in creative ways. Think about how you can still be a blessing now. And then DO whatever God puts on your heart.

The best use of time

“Wake up from your sleep, Climb out of your coffins; Christ will show you the light! So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times!” -Ephesians 5:14-16-

This time has so much potential that shouldn’t be wasted and I’m sure God will use many different ways to meet us, our needs and desires and to make us a light, a blessing, a fragrant scent to the people around us.
HE can still use this time for our best and fulfill his purposes in the midst of it.

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