My battle cries

Written by Dorina Betz

I’m sure everybody knows how it feels like to be in the middle of the battlefield. To be honest, life is not always nice and easy. Sometimes life is pretty tough. Throws us to the ground. Hits us hard. Brings us to tears. Causes the deepest pain.

Over the past two years the following four different lyrics stood out to me when life was at it’s hardest. And I took them as my battle cries. I listened to these songs, I cried these lyrics, I stood on these words over and over again. When life hits us we need our battle cries, words that remind us of God’s promises and His reality in the midst of our battles. Words that give us hope to keep going because giving up is not an option.

“Just fight a little longer my friend, it’s all worth it in the end. But when you got nobody to turn to. Just hold on, and I’ll find you. I’ll find you. I’ll find you. Just hold on, and I’ll find you.”

-I’ll find you. Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly-

Knowing that God is there in the middle of my pain is the most important assurance when walking through the darkest valley. For me listening to these lyrics was keeping me together when everything around me was falling apart. God is there and we can directly run into his arms with our pain, our struggles, our battles, our circumstances. When we’ve got nothing and no one left, He is still there holding us. He promises us, that it’s all worth it in the end. And I can tell that in my pain, GOD FOUND ME.

“Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul, He’s in the waiting. He’s in the waiting. Hold on to your hope, watch your triumph unfold. He’s never failing. He’s never failing.” -Take courage. Bethel-

This song gave me a new definition of hope. Hope that ENDURES, that HOLDS ON, that GOES BEYOND my pain, my hurt, my challenges, struggles, disasters and  difficulties. Hope that keeps me going in the midst of all the things that are breaking me down, throwing me to the ground , leaving me there- surrounded by a million broken pieces. In hard times and tough battles, we can stay steadfast without giving in to discouragement by reminding ourselves of who GOD is. Knowing that our God is in the waiting and that He is never failing, we can hold on because we are sure of the triumph that is yet to come out of all these broken pieces.

“When I only see in part, I will prophesy your promise. I believe you God. Caue you finish what you start. I will trust you in the process, I believe you God.” – Prophesy your promise. Bryan & Katie Torwalt –

Through these lyrics I learned to prophesy God’s promises. To remind myself of what God says in his word, what He has promised me and to stand on these promises no matter how circumstances, conditions and situations may look like right now. In the middle of the battle we are questioned whether we really believe. Whether we really believe God. Because we cannot believe half. Either we believe God and therefore everything He says, or we don’t. When we can only see in part, God desires our trust in what He is doing. Even when we can’t understand it yet.

I won’t let the storm weather my heart, won’t let the darkness beat me down. Sing in the night, my hope alive in you. I walk through the fire and not be burnt. Pray in the fight and watch it turn. Jesus, tonight, I give it all to you. – When the fight calls. Hillsong Young&Free-

Singing these words in the middle of my pain, my discouragement and my doubts took me a decision. The decision that I will not allow storms in my life or the darkness around to tear me down and hold me back. Yes, sometimes we are walking through fire. But God promised us in His word that we will not be burnt (Isaiah 43:2). Instead of being burnt I want to fix my eyes on Jesus and dedicate to prayer in the middle of the battlefield. This is how we will see change and victory.

In the middle of the battle I can stand on these lyrics because I know that they are the truth, they are reality. And when the fight calls, we gotta hold high our battle cries.

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