Wherever you go…

Written by Dorina Betz

“Where you go, I’ll go

Where you stay, I’ll stay

When you move, I’ll move

I will follow you.

Who you love, I’ll love

How you serve I’ll serve

If this life I lose, I will follow you,

I will follow you.”

– I will follow. Chris Tomlin-

What about your availability to go wherever God calls you to go? Are you ready for what God has prepared for you? Are you open to his dreams and ideas for your life?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t allow your doubts to hinder you. Don’t let the voices of other people limitate you. Don’t let insecurity lame you. Don’t allow your comfort zone to hold you captived.

When God says go, then go! When God says “Do this”, then do it! How many things in life do we miss because we do not follow the voice of God? We need to learn to be more obedient to God than all things trying to hold us back. Cause if we allow these things to be louder in our lives than the voice of God, we will never experience living in the center of God’s will and plan for us.

This world will only get to know Jesus and hear about God’s love if we are ready to go. So let us say: Okay, Jesus, wherever you go. Wherever it takes me following you. Whatever the cost. Where you go, I’ll go.

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