Kosovo in God's heart

A swarm of ravens

Written by Dorina Betz

A flock of ravens circles the sky. They croack. Loud. Unmistakeable. Constantly demanding truth and justice.

In the ears of this world their croacking is an annoying, nerve-racking sound. It disturbs people in their alleged peace. The world doesn’t like to be interrupted. But the ravens continue croacking. Cause in the ears of God this is worship, the ceaseless call for truth and justice.

More and more ravens are coming together from all cardinal points. They hear the cries of truth and justice. And they become part of the swarm. A big and powerful swarm.

The ravens keep getting back together and flying out, ready to fulfill their mission. When they fly out then, with a mighty croacking that the world gets goosebumps and knows: Something’s happening.

As YWAM Kosova we want to be like these ravens continually demanding truth and justice. Just as described in this picture, we believe that more people will be coming to Kosovo joining the work God wants to do in this country. And more and more people here will understand God’s truth and become part of the swarm. God is moving in this country.

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