Written by Dorina Betz

Bible is full of perfectly imperfect people. Historymakers. Heros of faith not always being so much of a hero. But still, exactly through these people we can learn a lot.

Noah got drunk, Jacob was a master of lies, Moses killed, David was not only a killer but also an adulterer, Gideon was a scaredy-cat, Rahab was a prostitute. A catalog full of people who had to deal with their fear, failure, stumbling and falling.  However, besides their long list of imperfections God used them to write history.

Somehow they managed to gather every tiny piece of courage from the furthest corners of their hearts and dared to listen to God’s voice. Then they stepped out of their comfort zones and did what God was calling them to do. And this is how they experienced God exploding their limitations and making the impossible possible. This is why God wrote history with their lives. He used them to change and transform people, families, communities and nations. And this is exactly what He wants to do with your life as well.

Lastly, to be honest, we don’t have any excuses to bring before God. He doesn’t care about our failures. He doesn’t care how many times we stumbled and fell. He doesn’t care about or imperfections, rough edges and shortcomings. He still calls us. And if He calls us, we gotta go- no matter what. Yes, sometimes when we hear the voice of God, we gotta jump. Jump off the cliff into the unknown and find out where He is leading us. But wherever God guides, we can be sure He provides, giving us everything we need to carry out His will.

I wonder how this world would look like if we lived like we believed that God is who He says He is? How many more things would be done? How many more plans would be carried out? How many more dreams would become reality? How many more people could God use to write history?

If we trust God more than our imperfections, our failures, our circumstances he will actually do greater things through our lives than we could ever imagine. Are you ready for that?




God does not call the qualified. HE qualifies the called.

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